Wellness Consulting Collective

As Certified Cannabis Sommelier’s and Cannabis Consultants, we share our wisdom on holistic cannabis consumption and wellness lifestyle. Each consultant is knowledgeable in one or more of the following areas: animal science, herbalism, womb healing, and wellness routines. Whether you’re a closeted consumer, free spirit, or complete newbie, all of our journey’s vary. 

We believe everyone should explore a holistic wellness routine that works for them. We believe in the medicinal and recreational uses of the cannabis plant in all its forms. We offer our knowledge and experience through cannabis education, wellness support, and cannabis care consultations (which yes, also includes our furry pals!). 

We shine light on what it means to be an intentional consumer while shattering stigmas and aligning mind, body, spirit. 

Protect your peace, choose wellness.

We are the lovely ladies of The Seshh,

-K.Marie, B, kLO